Monday, July 16, 2007

Shaw Center for the Arts

The Shaw Center for the Arts, which opened just two years ago in downtown Baton Rouge, features several art galleries, including the LSU Museum of Art, and a 325-seat performing arts theatre. There's also a popular sushi restaurant on the top floor, with an outdoor terrace offering envious views of the Mississippi River.

One nice feature of the Shaw Center is the Second Saturdays program this summer. On the second Saturday of each month, admission to galleries is free, and there are special arts activities planned for children. Some of the activities planned for August include an Instrument Petting Zoo, where members of the Baton Rouge Symphony show children how to play their instruments, and a crafts project using patterned papers, inspired by an ongoing exhibit of Japanese prints.


Anonymous said...

I like the geometry of this building very much. I bet it looks great lit up at night.

The Cooking Ninja said...

Interesting architecture :)

Anonymous said...

That is a pretty building and your description of events in the building is ineresting too. I guess I like the architecture and wonder what the overhang is for/I thought photo cells but they would not be transparent.

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Tara said...


I've heard it looks pretty cool at night - I'm going to have to grab a photo after sunset!

The overhang is part of the rooftop terrace where the sushi restaurant is. Although I like your solar panel idea...