Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Drive Carefully

Lighted signs, warning drivers to slow down and prepare to stop, now stand along a three-mile stretch of Interstate 12 after two major multi-vehicle crashes that killed four people. Both wrecks happened at the O'Neal Lane exit, where the freeway reduces from three lanes of traffic to two. Traffic tends to slow down and bottleneck here as people try to merge. In both of the crashes, police believe the drivers failed to notice that other vehicles was slowing down or stopped, hence the signs to alert motorists.

"Let's be careful out there..."


Kalyan said...

That's so sad & its unfortunate it happens in any part of the world, maybe these signs improve the situation now.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo of a sign I have seen many times. Not your sign but one like it up here. We have what we call, "Malfunction Junction" where hundreds have died over the years. It is slowly being replaced.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo