Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We Were Here

The underside of a curving slide becomes a tempting place for people (teens?) to carve their names or initials. What compelled them - was it a need to flaunt society's rules and show off to their friends, or a desire to shout "I am here"? If the slide is still standing in ten years, will they come back with a sweetheart to try to find their mark, and laugh at what silly kids they were back then?


Kate said...

If that's the extent of the damage, we're lucky. Suggestion: List your blog on your profile, etc. material. I clicked on your name when you commented on my blog, but it wasn't listed. Incidentally, thanks for the visit and I taught The Great Gatsby for years, and he attended the school in which I taught before he went East.

Steve Buser said...

We go to the act of sale on our house in Beaumont, TX next week. We are stopping by to drop off keys, etc.

But I plan to go into the back yard and look at where my kids scratched their names in the cement we poured for a patio.

I suppose someday, they will come back and do the same.

We were looking at a house here the other day and the owner was bragging about how it was renovated. But in the laundry room, was the door frame with marks from how high the kids had grown -- from a previous owner. He felt he had to leave it. He didn't know why

Tara said...


Thanks for the suggestion! I hadn't realized my blog wasn't showing up!


I remember my grandmother's door frame where she marked our heights as we were growing. When my grandparents renovated their home several years ago, they painted over the marks, because they were considering selling the house and wanted to attract more buyers. I felt sorrow the next time I visited and saw that the marks were gone, like a part of my past just disappeared.

Congratulations on selling your house!