Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blood Sports

Another legislative session ended this week. Our good state representatives and senators (FINALLY) passed a ban on cockfighting this session, which goes into effect August 2008. One blood sport, politics, is still legal in Louisiana, and the new season should get into gear soon.

The above photo is a picture of the floor of the entry marking the Governor's Office at the Old State Capitol.


Abraham Lincoln said...

Interesting the slab cracked. And it is a crooked crack at that.

Abraham Lincoln
—Me as Moses—

Steve Buser said...

Tara, I wanted to know the same thing as Abraham -- is this symbolic? (hypothetical question)

I hack the "virtual porch" today on New Orleans Daily Photo

Lavenderlady said... is all a matter of perspective. I thought the post was v ery intersting.

Tara said...

Abe and Steve,

If the Governor's Office has a cracked slab, the slab for the Legislature probably looks like a mosaic... ;)