Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Watch The Birdie

This blue jay was kind enough to hold still for five seconds so that I could take his photo while he visited our birdbath this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

The blue jay looks nice enough and it is not easy to take photographs of birds. I have found, over the years, that birds have to learn to accept you and that usually means that you have to provide them with something that keeps them coming back.

Your bird bath is a good step in that direction. They come to drink and take baths. Be careful about having plantings too close to the water as cats will lay in there in ambush.

If you add a bench or a seat close by and then let them come and get used to that and then later you set there as motionless as possible and wait for them to come. They will but it might take days or weeks of trying.

Birds all have times to eat. The last birds are almost always the cardinals here in Ohio where I live. The robins are the first to wake up and usually before dark. They eat almost all day long because this time of year they have baby birds in the nest and they are feeding themselves as well as up to three youngsters.

Anyway. Study birds and get to know their habits. The Chickadees call me (honestly) when the feeder is empty. The Blue Jays (like your bird) tell me when a predator is in the yard. The white breasted nuthatch seem to thank me for the seed they eat.

Watching wildlife soon becomes a learning experience and like a good book, you won't be able to put it down.

I hope you can get over and take a look at the mother robin with her head down the throat of one of the baby robins. This is a four part series. Tomorrow will be part three.

Abraham Lincoln

Kate said...

Lucky you to get to photo a stationery bird. I also like the statue; is it a troll?

Steve Buser said...

The blue birds and red birds (cardinals) seem more fun to photograph because of their bright colors.

Is that a statue of squirrel next to the fountain? Surprised it didn't scare him away.

Tara said...

Abe - thank you for the pointers! You are a fount of knowledge! I snapped this picture standing about 10 feet away - I had been sitting in a chair about 5 feet away, but they weren't comfortable with me. I'll be patient and keep trying, and hopefully they'll get used to me.

Kate & Steve - yes, that's a squirrel statue. And right before I snapped this jay, I was going to get a picture of a live squirrel perched on top of his concrete cousin, but he darted away while I was trying to zoom in.