Saturday, May 19, 2007


This is a section of the 15,000-square-foot enclosure for the LSU mascot, Mike the Tiger. In this photo, which I took on Easter Sunday this year, he's sitting on a patch of grass near the waterfall, which flows into a large pool where he would go swimming. Mike passed away at the age of 17 Friday morning from renal failure. He had undergone surgery two days before to drain 10 liters of fluid from around his lungs, due to a condition called "idiopathic chylothorax".


Anonymous said...

Oh my what a shame. To live in captivity is a real chore for anyone but for wildlife it is a nightmare. I hope there is a kind of Tiger Heaven and he gets to see all his cousins there.

Abraham Lincoln

Tara said...

Even though he had a nice home and was looked after, I wonder what it was like for him day after day, no prey to hunt, no other tigers for companionship. I hope he is in Tiger Heaven now, too.